Quandamooka Coast is a business that proudly supports our local community
and the environment where we live.

Core to our mission is to share our knowledge of our spiritual country and the ways in which we care for country. We also aim to preserve our environment so that future generations can enjoy our flora and fauna as we do today. As an emerging business, we are working on our environmental footprint and have set ourselves ambitious goals to be Eco-Certified and 100% carbon offset by 2025. Eco-Certification for us means that Quandamooka Coast visitors will experience quality, nature-based, culturally-interpretive and certified tours that meet certain environmental standards and sustainable practices.

Environmental Preservation and Education

In the near future, Yalingbila Bibula (Whale on the Hill), a preserved humpback whale skeleton will be an educational tourism monument at Mulumba (Point Lookout).  As well as being a first on the Australian east coast, it will help educate visitors about the annual Yalingbila Humpback Whale migration. In partnership with the University of Queensland we will also monitor and record the whale migration.

Our sister agency, QALSMA (Quandamooka Land and Sea Management Agency) actively manages the Quandamooka Estate (all of Quandamooka lands and sea) protecting cultural heritage and preserving our land and sea for future generations. They ensure compliance with regulations for the use of native title lands and waters, and play an active role in fire, weed and pest management to clean up debris, protect wildlife and restore Quandamooka ecosystems. QALSMA also advocates for the protection of our sacred sites from activities that may impact them. They work with local community organisations, industry stakeholders and education institutions to undertake research and caring for country activities.

Fourteen species of plant are recorded as Rare and Threatened on Minjerribah which come under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. Two of these are endemic to the island. Also, in south-east Queensland while the remarkably beautiful yellow swamp orchid Phaius bernaysii has not survived, this plant continues to survive on Minjerribah.

Sustainable Tourism Economy

Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable tourism economy that employs our Quandamooka People where possible and invests in our local communities.

Whilst undertaking an experience with us you will encounter Traditional Custodians, QYAC staff and many local artisans, cafés and other businesses. We also use our own Quandamooka Coast Stradbroke Island honey in our cuisine, which has a unique smoky flavour due to the flowering melaleuca found here.

We work very closely with Minjerribah Ganaba, our education and training facility located at Goompi, upskilling our young people in the areas of administration, bookings, reception staff, cultural tour guides, hospitality, marketing and communications.

Quandamooka Coast is also a proud sponsor of the Redlands Retail and Business Awards.

Carbon Offset and Environmental Rehabilitation

Quandamooka Rangers are actively working every day to improve the health of Quandamookajara (Quandamooka Country). Land management activities that are carried out include tree planting, habitat restoration, cultural site management, mining rehabilitation, traditional fire management, and weed eradication. Not only do these activities provide for the natural, cultural, and scenic attraction that brings people to Quandamookajara, these activities store carbon in rehabilitated areas and tree planting, improve habitat for threatened species such as koalas and acid frogs, reduce the risk of bushfire and in turn lower the resulting carbon emissions.