Our team is a vibrant mob who are passionate about our Country and our cultural heritage. When booking an experience with us you will get to meet and hear fascinating stories from one of our team.
Cameron Costello


Cameron Costello is the CEO of QYAC and Minjerribah Camping and leads the Quandamooka Coast Team. Cameron is a proud Quandamooka Man and has been the CEO of QYAC since 2013. He is also on the Board of Queensland Tourism Industry Commission (QTIC). Cameron believes that Quandamooka Country will be a global eco cultural tourism destination based on the foundations of sustainability, education, innovation and research. As a cultural and wildlife sanctuary, Cameron’s vision is for Quandamooka Coast to deliver authentic indigenous tourism experiences in a sensitive way so that the magic of Quandamooka Country can be sustained eternally and be enjoyed by our children’s children. He also wants Quandamooka Coast to be a business model for other first nations that provide employment for Quandamooka People on Country.

Katrina Beutel

Cultural Arts Tourism Events Manager

Katrina Beutel leads the Quandamooka Coast Team. Born and bred on the Redlands Coast, Katrina has worked in local tourism for the past 11 years managing award-winning, eco-certified, Redlands Kayak Tours, and has sat on the advisory board of Redlands Coast Tourism. She has also been the Founder and CEO of a not-for-profit organisation delivering numerous events and programs for women, managing over 30 staff and volunteers.

Katrina leads a team focussed on delivering memorable, eco-friendly cultural experiences that create highly satisfied customers who in turn become raving fans of Quandamooka Coast.

Josh Walker

Cultural Guide

Joshua Walker is a Nunagal man and a Traditional Custodian from Minjerribah, Quandamooka Country. He works on country with Quandamooka Coast Tours educating the many visitors to North Stradbroke Island.

In his younger years, Joshua lived between Brisbane and the Gold Coast and spent time presenting his culture to people from all over the world at the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary and a variety of other venues.

During this time, he also toured with his Traditional Dance Troupe “Yullubariba” to countries such as Japan, Brunei, Singapore and Holland.

At Quandamooka Coast, when you come on a tour with Joshua you will be immersed in the rich culture of his people and will have a better understanding of the oldest continuing culture in the world.

Joshua’s grandmother, Oodgeroo Noonuccal, was a much-revered author, poet, environmentalist and educator as well as a cultural mentor.

Following in her footsteps, Joshua continues to practise, teach and inform visitors and the emerging generation of the knowledge he accumulated over the years.

Kiah Morgan

Senior Bookings Officer

Kiah Morgan is a proud Quandamooka woman and is a direct descendant of Granny Mibu and Neli Nidgiri, working on Quandamooka Bujong Jara (Mother Earth). Kiah is the Senior Bookings Officer for the Quandamooka Coast team. One of her various roles within the team is to book tourists into cultural experiences, allowing them to walk away feeling immersed in Quandamooka Culture. Kiah has travelled to many remote Indigenous Communities within Australia, specialising in Indigenous Tourism for over 5 years. Being able to do this has allowed her to share her Quandamooka culture whilst learning from others. Kiah is passionate about working in Indigenous Tourism, particularly on country which will allow future generations to be able to follow in not only her but her Elder’s footsteps. Kiah feels strongly that being able to work on her traditional country is very important, as this will keep our culture alive whilst immersing visitors in our unique culture.

Melissa Ross

Reservations Mulgumpin Camping

Melissa Ross is a proud Dungidau woman from Jinibara Country. She grew up on Minjerribah with her family and continues to work on Quandamooka Country as a bookings officer for the Mulgumpin Camping and Quandamooka Coast team. Melissa has worked in the hospitality and tourism sector for over 10 years. During the past 3 years she has found her passion in sales and bookings. Melissa strives to provide first class customer service in conjunction with delivering amazing cultural experiences on country to every visitor. Being able to work within the Indigenous Tourism sector on Quandamooka Country allows Melissa to continue to feel strongly connected to her culture every day.



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