Quandamooka Coast is Quandamooka Country

This includes the land and sea surrounding Mulgumpin (Moreton Island), Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island), the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and the mainland coast (Belmont, Chandler, Tingalpa, Wynnum and Redlands).

It is the country of the Quandamooka People. They are the Nunagal, Goenbal and Ngugi People.

On 4 July 2011, the Federal Court of Australia recognised the Quandamooka People’s native title rights and interests over:

  • land and waters on, and surrounding North Stradbroke Island, and
  • some islands in Moreton Bay.

And on 27 November 2019, the Federal Court of Australia recognised Quandamooka People’s native title rights and interests over land and surrounding waters of Moreton Island.

Quandamooka Coast operates ventures on Mulgumpin and Minjerribah. As we expand there will be more experiences throughout the Quandamooka Coast territory.

By looking at our Quandamooka Coast map, you will see the Jandai language names of Quandamooka Country places. As part of our approach to tourism, we are trying to share our Jandai language place names, as well as the names of our distinctive flora and fauna. Our Jandai language is the voice of our Ancestors. The land needs words, the land speaks for us and we use the language for this. The Moreton Bay islands of Quandamooka Country are invested in the creation stories which is evident in the Jandai language place-names.

MinjerribahNorth Stradbroke Island
TerangeriNorthern part of North Stradbroke Island and also recorded as a clan group
MulumbaPoint Lookout
PulanAmity Point
CapembahMyora Springs
BaguraBlue Lake
BummieraBrown Lake
MulgumpinMoreton Island
Curragi/GaradgiSouth Stradbroke Island
BangambaMud Island
DanggarGreen Island
YerobinKing Island
NgudjuruLamb Island
KanaipaRussell Island
JercurubaPeel Island
JanguwajahMacleay Island
TalwalpinRedland Bay
Warrer WarrerVictoria Point
Cullen CullenWellington Point