Yura! (Hello/greetings) or Yura Quandamookajarajen
(Greetings from Quandamooka Country)

Quandamooka Coast specialises in creating authentic First Nation tours, workshops and traditional ceremonies – and we invite you to join us on Minjerribah for a magical experience you won’t forget!

The Nunagal, Goenbal and Ngugi clans, which make up the Quandamooka People have lived on this Country since time immemorial and our traditional stories have been passed down from generation to generation giving us an unbroken connection to Country.

You may ask what’s unique about a Quandamooka Coast cultural experience? Nowhere else in Australia can you enjoy a First Nation experience that combines the unique stories of the Quandamooka People all set against the amazing backdrop of the beautiful Quandamooka Coast region. We won’t be taking you into a theatre to share our knowledge – we’ll be doing it right on our spectacular headland, in the water on a yalingbila (whale) watching boat or on a coastal track surrounded by dagakin (grass trees) and native flora and fauna. The wonderful Coast and Bay is our theatre!

By joining one of our experiences you will hear stories about the yalingbila (whales) that pass Mulumba (Point Lookout) and the yangan (dugongs) that live in the Quandamooka sea country of Moreton Bay. We’ll share our traditional medicinal methods and the native jinjen (foods) we foraged for. We’ll show you our sacred sites and talk about why they are important. If you’re lucky you’ll see why the dumbripi umbirrbi (koala) on Minjerribah are so special and we will also explain how Kabul (carpet snake) and the Buangan (dolphin) came to be our Quandamooka People’s totem animals.

Baru Yari (Talk soon)